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Take full control of your SPLA software licensing agreements using our fully automated solution to reduce risk and improve business performance.

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SPLA challenges

Reporting of SPLA Usage is complex and comes with many challenges as the networks keep evolving and changing. Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) are challenged to keep up with the increasingly virtualized environment and the myriad hardware configurations available.

  • Complying with monthly deadline and dealing with time pressure.
  • Understanding complex license rules and their metrics.
  • Collecting all SPLA-relevant inventory data.
  • Comparing licensing options for best TCO.
  • Adopting license changes to your own licensing process.

No standardized processes or templates available.

Minimise your compliance risks with the OC SPLA Manager.

Why choose the OC SPLA Manager?

The OC SPLA Manager will keep the time you spend creating your SPLA usage report to a minimum. With our customised and automated inventory solution, we create clarity on the servers, the installed software and the access-authorised users.

  • Reduce licence compliance risks.
  • Minimise your costs for creating reports.
  • Be prepared for potential audits.
  • Focus on your core business.
  • Designed and built by SPLA experts.
  • Generate end customer reports for billings.
  • Assessed by KPMG (version 2.x) as an accurate and precise SPLA reporting tool.

See for yourself why so many Hosting Providers around the world are excited about our SPLA tool.

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What is the OC SPLA Manager?

OC Scanner

The OC Scanner is a critical component of the SPLA Manager discovering, agentless or agent-based, the IT (Software and Hardware) infrastructure required to report SPLA licenses.

OC SPLA Manager

A solution with 3 components to simplify
your entire SPLA licensing effort.

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OC Reporter

The OC Reporter provides the user interface and overall functionality to bring all the pieces together. It allows the user to configure the system and determine how the usage reports will be structured.

OC Intelligence

The OC Intelligence provides the smarts to convert the inventoried hardware and software products into proper SPLA SKUs and accurate quantities according to the applicable MS SPLA Use Rights (SPUR).

OC SPLA Manager Advantages

KPMG assessed (version 2.x) and automated SPLA reporting tool
Generate end customer usage reports for customer billings
The OC SPLA Manager is open to 3rd party solutions.
Usable on-premises
or in the cloud

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