Cloud migration

Cloud migration viability requires complete visibility

Our cloud migration solution provides an accurate and transparent overview of the infrastructure inventory, so you have clear visibility required to make well-informed migration decisions.

Help end-customers first optimize then transform

Opportunities and pain-points in the migration process can be identified, to help optimize the current environment, then transform with the cloud.

Optimize the current licensing environment

Detailed insights identify licensing cost savings and opportunities to improve performance with optimized IT infrastructure.

Transform with a path to the cloud

A clear view of the technical requirements needed to digitally transform; helps to develop a roadmap for cloud migration.

Charting a clear course helps to navigate towards success

Data center scan

Scans the infrastructure and collects information on how it’s used.

Licensing optimization

Provides transparency over the usage and use cases in the datacenter.

Infrastructure viability

Compares the current usage to cloud usage and determines migration feasibility.

End customer roadmap

Identifies and maps the best cloud resources for end-customer needs.

Cloud migration

Helps create a clear migration path towards cloud transformation.

Cloud View

Make informed migration decisions with our AI-enabled tool.

OC Scanner

Cloud Scanner

Monitors and tracks the cloud migration status, with insights into the usage of workloads.

OC Intelligence

Cloud Intelligence

Scans the infrastructure making an fact-based assessment of the infrastructure estate.

OC Reporter

Cloud Reporter

Using sku analysis outlines an actionable migration roadmap that instils confidence.

SAM consulting services provide a migration blueprint

Our SAM consulting services, accessed through our own SPLA experts and SAM partners, help determine your ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ states, so you have a clear plan of action, not just one-off insights.

  • Cost Analysis Assessment

    A detailed assessment of the current SPLA environment.

  • Cloud Viability Assessment

    Outline of the desired future-state and how to get there.

  • Cloud Roadmap Report

    Recommendations regarding migration feasibility.

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