Provide end customers with real-time
asset visibility

Our Inventory scanning allows end-customers to track their own IT infrastructure and inventory so they can manage licensing costs, avoid running outdated software and reduce compliance and security risks – all while building stronger relationships with service providers.

Run our scanner tool as-a-service so you can focus on core client activities

You will be able to make your customers more aware and aligned so they can self-improve their overall performance.


Increase visibility

Allow customers to see what assets exist, how they are being used, when they are being used and by who.


Align operations

Speed up the time it takes to maintain records, prepare reports and reduce support requests, with reduced errors.


Maximize performance

Customers can eliminate manual assets tracking, improve compliance accuracy and optimize planning.

Develop much deeper client relationships


Implement the tool and offer Cloud View as-a-service.


Invite customers you want to work more closely with.


Provide ongoing advice based on outputs they can see.


Build a much closer relationship and become a strategic advisor.

Cloud View

Provide customers access to Cloud View through a multi-tenant web application.

OC Scanner

Cloud scanner

Automates the identification of IT hardware and software used on a monthly basis across your infrastructure.

OC Reporter

Cloud Reporter

Accurate and timely usage reporting, with a clear audit-trail that provides proof for audits and billing purposes.


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