OC SPLA Manager assessed by KPMG

The first assessed SPLA solution

Being a company that holds quality at the highest pedestal, we constantly work on how we can better our quality and raise our standards higher than before. We constantly challenge ourselves to find room for further improvement s. This is what led us to get in touch with KPMG in 2015 to discuss about possibilities to develop an assessment program that confirms the quality and accuracy of SPLA tools. It was then that KPMG developed the «KPMG SAM Tool Assessment for Microsoft SPLA Program».

In August 2015, the Octopus Cloud aced the KPMG SAM Tool Assessment and effectively became the world’s first assessed SPLA tool. SPLA usage reporting is in itself a complex thing as it demands that the HSPs – the Hosting Service Providers have effective Software Licensing Management Procedures. Their nature of work demands them to have a regulated control over the hardware inventory, and a thorough understanding of the software that the customers are using, keeping in mind that this area of work is such that these logistics change with every new update or change in trends. Hence, it becomes important for HSPs to have a well-organized way to handles work.

Though this particular KPMG assessment was originally based on our tool, it is now well on its way to being established an universally accepted standard by Microsoft for SPLA Assessment Program.

In July 2018, our new major version OC SPLA Manager Version 2.x successfully passed the KPMG assessment again. Though, by no means do we intend to stop here. We aim to continue to improving our solution to offer our customers the best of user experience we possibly can.

In order to maintain the best quality possible, we are on a constant lookout for latest releases or changes in the Microsoft industry, so that we can successfully adapt them into our solution