Octopus Cloud Services get HSPs ready to deal with SAM Engagements

Octopus Cloud Services enable HSPs to better understand their risk, to best prepare for an audit if necessary, and to gradually transition to more accurate and timely compliance practice.

Understand your Risk

Octopus Cloud Services, offered by our partner SPLA audit experts and SAM consulting partners, arm and prepare customers to confidently tackle every SAM engagement.

Octopus Cloud Services enable HSPs to better understand their compliance risk, to best prepare for an audit if necessary, and to gradually transition to more accurate and timely compliance practice.


High-level Audit Risk Self-Assessment Questionnaire (HARQ)

The HARQ is a simple yet insightful mechanism by which OC helps Hosting Service Providers gain visibility into their risk profile related to becoming an audit candidate for Microsoft SPLA compliance program. HARQ is able to shed light into missing best practices and company operational processes that can result in adverse effects if an audit were to happen.
The HARQ process begins with the signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that guarantees that the information shared by the Customer remains strictly confidential. After that step is taken, a link to the HARQ tool is shared with the Customer.
The Customer completes the Questionnaire. This is received by our Analysts who score it and ascertain the results. A document providing the results and recommendations is prepared and shared with the Customer on a face-to-face session.
Typical total duration depends on how quickly our analysts receive the questionnaire response. After the response is received, it typically takes 1 week to have everything ready and solicit a meeting with the Customer to discuss the findings and recommendations.

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Internal SPLA Audit

HSPs that received a high risk score for the SPLA Audit Risk Self-Assessment Questionnaire ( HARQ ) should consider engaging Octopus Cloud and their SAM Consultants Partners to decide whether implementing an Internal SPLA Audit is in their best interest.

The HARQ scores 4 primary areas:
(i) Probability of being Selected for an Audit
(ii) Audit Defense section,
(iii) Impact to the Business section and
(iv) SPLA Best Practices section .

Each of these categories have components that will raise red flags. So that even if your overall score is reasonably fine, these areas need to be looked into in more detail to ensure your risk is manageable. The Internal SPLA Audit scope of work is highly dependent on the size of the HSP and how long in the past would like to analyze. We strive to keep it to 4 weeks, but this is highly customizable.

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Audit Preparation

Prepare Audit Defense Materials and Team

HSPs that are going through the Internal Audit engagement, they should consider the Audit Defense preparation engagement.

This engagement concentrates on selecting and preparing the internal team from the different applicable areas in the company to be ready to represent the company on a possible MS Audit. Legal, Procurement/Accounting, IT/Engineering, and Customer Service, are typical functions that are asked to participate.

Because the needs are so variable, this is a times and material (T&M) engagement. We recommend a 2-week session to ascertain the proper requirements.

SPLA License Position Assessment

Congratulations to those HSPs that received a medium or low risk score in the SPLA Audit Risk Self-Assessment Questionnaire ( HARQ ). However, we recommend that you take the SPLA License Position engagement to figure out exactly where your company MS SPLA license position is. This can help you modify specific issues that could eventually get you in trouble.

The License Position Assessment consists of letting the OC SPLA Manager take a deep look at your IT Infrastructure and SPLA Usage Reporting practices. It will then provide you a report showing possible differences or discrepancies.

This can identify possible issues to be taken care before they become problems.

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