Transparent SPLA software licensing delivers clear results

At Octopus Cloud,
we’ve solved SPLA licensing.

Our AI enabled, automated solution provides clear visibility of the software licensing landscape, so you can minimise the risks of a SPLA audit while improving business performance.

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Every SPLA partner will be audited every 36 months but good SPLA management isn’t all about minimising risk

Minimising financial exposure of a SPLA audit, while extremely important, is only half the answer. Our SPLA Manager solution helps to improve business performance.

Maximise performance

Gain a clear view of your licensing landscape with insights to improve decision making and exploit opportunities for cost savings.

Minimise risk

Gain complete control over the licensing process with better oversight and governance using accurate reporting and audit trails.

SPLA licensing made easy with an automated solution


Collect inventory data from across your entire infrastructure


Calculate costs for each product with absolute accuracy


Generate monthly SPLA reports with a single click


Identify opportunities for licensing cost reductions and improve

A solution you can trust

The first fully accredited SPLA solution

SPLA Manager was the first fully accredited tool as part of the KPMG Software Asset Management solution assessment.

Providing clarity to some of the world’s most recognised brands

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